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SurThriving These Tough Economic Times - Terry L. Forrette, M.H.S., RRT – Clinical Specialist, Medical Specialties, Inc.

Yes, I know that SurThriving is not an actual word but it best describes what the medical industry is currently going through. Medical Specialties is dedicated to continuing our level of excellence in providing products that make a difference in patient care during these uncertain times of economic crisis. Not only are we determined to survive but our goal is to also grow and thrive so as to better meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to helping you and we ask for the same level of commitment from our customers. We have earned your business in the past and all we want is the opportunity to continue earning your business in the future. Let’s continue to be partners in patient care and SurThrive these hard times together.


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Is the New Digital Non-Invasive CO2 Monitoring Technology Accurate?

The Sentec transcutaneous monitor, using the digital V-Sign™ Sensor enables simultaneous monitoring of pCO2, SpO2 and pulse. It incorporates the latest opto-electronics and digital signal processing technologies. In combination with local arterialization of the warmed measurement site, V-Sign™ Sensor achieves excellent measuring performance. For many of us who have had experience with the older TCCO2 analog technology calibration, accuracy problems and topical burns outweighed the usefulness of the device. It looks like the days are behind us now that the newer digital technology has arrived.


In a recent abstract at the SCCM these authors describe how this technology was useful in performing a PDT.


TRANSCUTANEOUS CARBON DIOXIDE MONITORING DURING PERCUTANEOUS TRACHEOSTOMY - Steven J. Trottier, Michael Blackburn St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Department of Critical Care Medicine, St. Louis University, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri

Conclusion from their findings: “Significant CO2 retention documented by transcutaneous monitoring occurred during PDT. There were no adverse clinical events due to the elevated CO2 levels documented in this study. Bronchoscope time may have significantly contributed to the elevated CO2 levels. Minimizing bronchoscope time and considering CO2 monitoring during PDT appear to be warranted."

This group looked at using the Sentec monitor in the NICU and found excellent correlation with blood gas results. The study was published as an abstract at the 2008 AARC Open Forum

EVALUATION OF A DIGITAL TRANSCUTANEOUS PCO2 SENSOR AND ITS CORRELATION TO ARTERIAL BLOOD GAS PCO2 MEASUREMENTS DURING NEONATAL HIGH FREQUENCY OSCILLATORY VENTILATION Daniel D. Rowley, RRT-NPS, RPFT, Janet Glass, RRT, Timothy Hicks, RRT, Tamara Wheeler, RRT, Frank Caruso, RRT Pulmonary Diagnostics & Respiratory Therapy Services University of Virginia Medical Center Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A.

Conclusion from their findings: “The SenTec Digital Monitor yielded an excellent correlation when compared to ABG PaCO2 measurements and it may be used as a surrogate for ABG PaCO2 determination during neonatal HFOV. The difference between our sampled CO2 measurements may be related to the standard deviation of the compared measurement devices, pre-existing medical conditions, pharmacologic agents that are known to cause vasoconstriction, and user sampling error."



MSI CEU Seminar Announced

Medical Specialties is once again offering a 3 CEU, AARC approved, seminar to our customers.  Medical Specialties provides a speaker and the CEU’s and we encourage the host facility to invite practitioners from the surrounding area to attend. For more information on how to schedule a seminar at your facility contact your MSI sales representative.



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