"We seek out technologies that will radically improve productivity while significantly and verifiably reducing operating costs."


Medical Specialties has been helping customers reduce operating costs and improve outcomes for over 50 years. That's because we seek out only the best independent engineering and manufacturing firms . . . the ones developing new, cost-saving technologies, that make a real difference in patient care.

We represent products from a broad base of national and international manufacturers. In this era of cost containment, our goal is to help you find technology solutions that meet the challenge of improving efficiency while delivering quality care at an affordable cost.

Our research and evaluation of a variety of products means you can rely on us for a wide range of medical and therapeutic applications in respiratory, anesthesia, critical care, and cardiology.

The strong clinical backgrounds of our staff will serve you well in the analysis phase, during the decision process, and later during the actual implementation of every purchase.

Your partnership with us provides you the five keys to the effective management of every technology decision: choice, quality, value, outcome, and service.

If you ever have questions about our services, suggestions, or just want to get something off your chest, contact me at duke@medspecialties.com.


Manufacturers of innovative medical devices – that is, devices that are too new to attract big GPO contracts or general med/surg distribution contracts – have three choices to get their innovation to market: They can hire a direct sales force, try to contract with a national specialty distributor, or use local or regional specialty distributors, such as those in IMDA, the association for specialty dealers.

"We offer a solution to manufacturers that gives them all the benefits of specialty distribution with the ease of working with a national – or near national – supplier".

SCC offers an alternative to the national providers as well as poor performing local sales organizations. We offer national coverage with the benefits of local sales organizations. By offering a strategic alliance and taking the best in class from each region, we are in a position to offer the best solution to our manufacturers, buying groups and our accounts. SCC is the best option, because we will offer the benefits of local specialty distribution with the continuity and clarity of a national provider. We will continue to recruit more "best in class" specialty sales and marketing organizations.

We offer national strength with a local presence. Manufacturers need that local presence, as well as the ease of dealing with just one entity across the country."


IMDA is an association of sales, marketing and distribution companies that specialize in bringing innovative medical technologies to market. IMDA helps its members improve their businesses through education and networking opportunities, and raises the awareness of others in the health care community as to the value its members bring more